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Cenote Cristalino

Saturday we decided to head over to the mainland and try a new cenote. There are seriously tons of cenotes, I’m sure we will never have enough time to see them all. Our plan was to rent a car and head down the coast to Tulum to visit Grand Cenote. But when I was in the rental car office I asked the guy behind the counter which cenote was his family’s favorite. He told me Cenote Cristalino. He gave us directions and we were on our way.

As we drove down the main highway and we were getting closer to where he said our destination would be we saw a huge sign made with block letters along a wall for Chi Ken Ha Cenote then Aktunchen, again, huge sign. Just a few yards or so after Aktunchen a small vinyl sign as if they printed it at kinkos… Cenote Cristalino. As we drive down this dirt road and pull into what I assume is a parking lot for a small abarrotes (grocery) store to ask for directions because it looks as if the road doesn’t really go any farther. I walk into this small white square building and there sits a boy 11 ish or so and his dad.

“Donde esta el cenote cristilano? Es cerca verdad?” Yes my Spanish is VERY broken, but I get the job done.

“Si, esta aqui.”


“Si, por la puerta.”

We pay $150 pesos each. ($7.50 US) and walk out the back the door of the small building. It was like Alice and the LookingGlass. From a white dusty parking lot through the building and into this lush green jungle with beautiful stone steps zig zagging through the trees and then opening up to a beautiful oasis. Three pools to swim in!

We loved jumping off the rocks, snorkeling through tunnels and letting the fish nibble our feet. Cristalino did not disappoint!


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