Buccanos Beach Club {Snorkel Cozumel}

I just want to say thank you to my ten or so followers. LOL. Blogging is not my favorite thing to do, sleeping and eating may tie as my most favorite thing to do, but I know that after a few years Adam will get around to printing my blog into a book and it will be a treasure for my posterity to fight over. So thank you to those following =)

In other news, we visited Buccanos beach resort. We don’t go there often because it is $140 pesos per person to enter (the $140 then becomes a food voucher once inside). So realistically Buccanos is awesome for the price.( $7 U.S.) For us locals $140 pesos can break the bank, so we go as a special treat every couple of months. I say that like we’ve lived here forever… we’ve gone 3 times in 8 months we’ve lived here.

If you are visiting the island Buccanos is fun! Pool, snorkeling, beach, palm trees, amazing food, what’s not to like?. Seriously though, the food! I am in love with Buccanos’ caremal popcorn ice cream… full on caramel popcorn in a caramel sundae type concoction. I’m shooting this idea out there to any of my friends that are closet chef’s on the verge of debuting their new restaurant and want a signature dessert. SOOO GOOD!

Lot’s of fish and the current makes for a lazy river feel. Lazy river, good food, lounging by the pool. HEART EYES! Enjoy the video!


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