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The grass is always greener. {when the snow melts}

I’m not the tallest female on the planet, but here in Mexico you would think that I am. I am 5’7″ and stand a whole head taller than 75% of the folks here. Standing out means we get asked multiple times a day where we are from. Well…

We are from Idaho. Yes, it’s freezing. Yes, it’s super rural.

Did we move here (Cozumel) because we were freezing? No. All you need is a thick cute jacket, even cuter boots and a remote car starter… am I right ladies?

We sure miss Idaho. We loved our snow days.  Even before we moved to the Caribbean we truly enjoyed our winters in Idaho. My kids spent more time outside in the snow than they did in the summer, something about being hot and cranky gets on my nerves a little.

Thousands of people every year spend thousands of dollars to spend a week or two in a cozy cabin in the snow to escape the everyday busyness of life, sip hot chocolate by the fire, snuggle with loved ones, and just BE STILL.


We lived that slow paced, not a care in the world lifestyle for 10 years. I enjoyed it when school called for a snow day or soccer games were rained out. It gives me time to just BE, no where to go, no where to be, nothing to do..(that was planned anyway.)

I don’t know about you, but my “doer” mentality oftentimes gets me in a rut of go go go, do do do, check check check. The conversations become somewhat repetitious and they begin to lack feeling and empathy… as if most times I’m just spewing out questions and not even paying attention to the answers.

With good weather comes a to do list a mile long. With bad weather comes card games, movie nights, lazy convos on the couch, messy cookie baking, the list goes on… the common denominator…NO RUSH.

THE BEST part… GUILT FREE. With bad weather comes an excuse to do nothing, stay in your pjs, do whatever you want and remain guilt free. Shoot you could wear a sweatshirt all winter and no one would even know if you skipped the gym. AND you don’t even have to look at your watch before deciding if you can play monopoly with a 5 yr old because you have ALL the time you need. You can do WHATEVER you want.

I envy you Idahoans. I envy you.


One thought on “The grass is always greener. {when the snow melts}

  1. Mmm, sorry, but I call BS. You’re not here for this winter. Weeks on end of negative degree weather and wind chills so dangerous that you can get frost bite after only a few minutes of exposure. And snow storm after snow storm so there is really no excuse to do nothing when you have tons to do and no way to do them because you can’t even get out of your drive away. It’s easy to say you envy the other end of the spectrum when you’re sitting on a beach for the 3rd time that same day so your life in that 24 hours seems a little repetitive, and you could use something different.


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