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Cozumel Kid Cam

My dad came to visit and brought the kids their Christmas presents. They are these cute little cameras by vtech. The kids were ecstatic!

So we charged em up and let em go! I was pleasantly surprised with the footage quality and quantity. Personally 90% of the footage brings me to the verge of tossing my cookies, so I spared you the best I could while editing. The Baylee cam is the steadiest, Laney cam has the cutest footage, the Andi cam was only on in the car and while we were eating and the Asher Cam was not sealed correctly and drowned 3 minutes in. {live and learn buddy} So enjoy the video from a kids point of view. For a $30 camera I’d have to say it’s not too shabby. I was even impressed with the stills. AND YOU KNOW I’m loving having more footage to play with. (All footage taken at The Money Bar in Cozumel, Mexico.


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