Pide de Dios

Super excited for the new lema de los jovenes de la iglesia. (theme for the youth of the church)

Pide de Dios, pide con Fe! Ask of God, ask with Faith. (James 1:5)

The take home print I made for our New Beginnings.

Why not? Why not ask God? For guidance, comfort, for answers, for anything really. I don’t know about you, but I definitely cannot predict the future. However our Father in Heaven knows what’s best for us. We can ask for guidance of choosing a profession, how many kids to have, which church to attend, or even if we want to know if something is right or true. We can ASK of GOD. However to receive an answer we must ASK in FAITH, nothing wavering as the scripture states.

There have been many times in my life I have “Asked of God” and received an answer. I asked Him which colleges to apply to, what I should study, WHO I SHOULD MARRY, if we should have another child, what we should name our Child(ren) and the list goes on and on. Each and everytime I have Asked, I have received or am in the process of receiving as some answers do not come right away, but over time.

I absolutely LOVE that my Father in Heaven knows me so well. He guides and blesses my life. He has done more with my life than I could have ever done on my own.

Pide de Dios, pide con Fe!


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