Living Abroad

Living Abroad Myths: Busted

With the viral video of the cute family looking for a nanny all over the internet, more and more people are finding living abroad more exciting. So I thought I’d dispel a few myths for you so you can slap living abroad on your bucket list.

MYTH: You can’t live abroad with kids.

ANSWER: Um.. yes you can. And having the kids has made this experience even more enjoyable. To see the way we as adults react to things is one thing, but watching the kids react to new experiences makes it Christmas everyday! (like the time we helped save baby turtles) From seeing a new fish underwater to ordering a random dish at a restaurant… living abroad with kids means never a dull moment.

*MOM ANSWER: Living abroad has meant new opportunities for our kids. One of our kids has opted to play, what I would consider a “normal” American sport while here in Mexico (soccer). The others are choosing “out of the box” options, like Mexican Folklore dancing for example. Our family snorkels on a weekly basis, a super cool and different family hobby than what we were used to. Education wise, Mexico is super great with Math and Science. Our son is getting more and more excited about Chemistry since we’ve lived here. Not to mention the fact that they are engulfed in another language and culture. SAFETY: We did our homework and chose a safe place in Mexico to bring kids. We’ve explored places people only dream of exploring. And they have made lifelong friends in the process.

MYTH: I need to be rich to live abroad.

ANSWER: Rich in LOVE.. lol. Seriously though, NO, you do not have to be independently wealthy to live abroad. In reality there are many things in the states that actually cause us to spend more money that we make. Cost of living is so much less in many other countries. For example, cell phone plans are ridiculously high in the states, if you could save $50 a month just on your cell phone bill you’d be $600 richer. (For the average family of four it sure adds up) And with 5 kids we find MANY super fun things to do for FREE. Free fun! Saves us tons!

MYTH: I’ll never see my family and friends.

ANSWER: True. No I’m kidding. You’d be surprised how affordable traveling to some places outside of the U.S. can be. A one way flight from Los Angeles, California to Cancun, Mexico can get as low as $120. Totally worth it! That’s cheaper than it takes an SUV to drive 500 miles. And if you’re good with a budget you can use the money you save living abroad (your cell phone plan alone) to spend on trips back home… every 180 days or so when you need to border jump. AND when you live somewhere exotic you’re definitely gonna get visitors on the regular.

MYTH: I can’t find work abroad.

ANSWER: With amazing technological advances in the last 30 years we are finding so much more at our fingertips. Finding something to do online is becoming easier and easier. In today’s world people are shying away from cubicle work to find a way to work from home. And if you can work from home you can work from the beach? Am I right? Okay, it may take a little more self discipline, but the rewards are ridiculous!

Get creative! My husband and I both work online doing things we love, we had to get creative with our degrees from college. If you have a specific skill set explore your online options.

Now go find your piece of heaven!


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