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Nudity on the beach…

Here in Cozumel we have a Facebook group where people can follow to know what’s going on here on the island, to ask questions about their upcoming vacation or for locals to post activities others may be interested in. There are over 12,000 members of this group… and I believe a majority do not live here in Cozumel, but love to voice their opinion.

A couple of days ago, a woman posted that while at one of our beaches she and her family were walking down to the beach and upon arrival noticed a nude man in all his glory. She witnessed a few other families leaving this beach because of said nude man. She and her family also left, noting that she had her two daughters with her who did not need to witness such things.

As a mother I was fully confident the comments would start rolling in with words of things like “I’m so sorry that happened, he should have covered up”, or even simply stating that stinks you had to leave.


This poor woman was ripped to shreds, not by all, but by many! I was appalled at the comments… many of which are coming from people who aren’t even part of the community here. They told her to “grow up.” They commented that they were sure her teenage daughter enjoyed seeing the nude man and may have even had a little chuckle. That her teen probably has seen more by choice with her friends when her mom is not around. And many were joking about the situation, favoring nudity and defending the right to be nude. That this action on being nude in public is and should be common place. I was SHOCKED by how inconsiderate people were. Her message was simply that she had hoped that the man would have been more aware of the fact that there were families present and he should take his nude party of one somewhere else for the time being or cover up. (Nude or topless sunbathing in Mexico is actually illegal)

This is the world we live in… a world in which sex sells, nudity is totally fine and in some cases encouraged IF you have a nice body and not enough care to make a change. Where morality is and has been, on a sharp decline. And we as women in particular are allowing this to happen. We either want to be respected or we don’t. Women who flaunt their vaginas and brag about sleeping with whomever and whenever are marching. For what? 9ad4b48fd5b0a34eb118754d71dcf4b3For men to stop treating you like an object to ogle at?  Wait… I’m so confused, you want men to be considerate and gentle after you praise 50 Shade of Grey?  And don’t even get me started on the hats at the marches? What is up with that? As far as I’m concerned the P word in reference to women is just as bad as the N word in reference to African Americans and you want to dress it up with furry pink yarn and wear it on your head? Hi, this is my feminist friend that would like for you to speak to her face and not her boobs, but don’t be distracted by the sparkly pink P***Y on top of her head.

But maybe it’s just me. Call me old fashion, but the scripture “our body is a temple” comes to mind. When people treat themselves with respect it seems to me that they are then respected. The homeless looking guy on the Trivago commercial makes me NOT want to book anything with Trivago. He does not allude professionalism and hotel cleanliness looking like he just rolled out of bed. But I digress.

Why are so many people today not even effected by nudity or sexual innuendos? I’ll tell you why… they are desensitized. They’ve been inundated with sex and vulgarity for so long and so often that it doesn’t bother them. So when someone voices that they ARE bothered by it…they are weird, stupid or need to get with the times.

We follow a group on Facebook called Fight The New Drug:with the tag line “Porn Kills Love”. What a great message that is so needed in our day. The title implies that pornography makes it more difficult or almost impossible to know and recognize real love. With LUST so apparent and misconstrued as LOVE, true unconditional love and respect for your companion with whom you are intimate can be very difficult to find and recognize.

Back to the poor woman on Facebook in Cozumel, trying to hold onto innocence and keep her kids…kids. We only get to be young, care free and innocent once… let them have that. Am I wrong in hoping kids can be carefree and innocent longer? We all know what comes with adulthood so let them bask in being naive for one more year, month or day. And I know that I can’t shield my children forever, but I don’t believe shoving pornography soft, hard or in the form of commercial ads down any child’s throat is the best introduction to sexuality. We need to wake up! When did staying innocent become so bad? I say bring back the INNOCENCE. Bring back MORALITY. Bring back RESPECT. In essence we bring back LOVE. By ripple affect we BETTER SOCIETY.

I would encourage each of us to reevaluate the way we look at our bodies and others and truly see how sensitive we are. Are we respectful? Are we shocked when we hear vulgar remarks? Or are we desensitized? And if so, it is never too late to start rejecting it, avoiding it, talking about when prompted, and choosing to be a different kind of example.  #choosetostop #fightthenewdrug



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