We’re leaving Cozumel…

We are leaving Cozumel…. but we’ll be back in 4 days. (Gotcha!)

Six months ago our family of 7 bought a one way ticket on a south bound plane to Cozumel, Mexico. All seven of us and our 28 pieces of luggage arrived in one piece for the adventure of a lifetime! img_5113a

Can you believe it?? SIX WHOLE MONTHS!

Our family made the decision when we arrived to not become permanent or temporary residents here in Mexico. (Something that takes a whole lot of paperwork and a decent chunk of change and is only good for a limited amount of time.) We instead decided to remain on a 180 day tourist visa. Because it is only for 180 days we have to leave the country to be able to return again with a new 180 day tourist visa.

The simple way to do this seemed to be to drive 4.5 hours to Belize and simply cross the border into Belize stay a couple of days and come back. Easy peesy right?

Just to be sure we began asking around about the best way to go about visiting Belize, where to stay, what to do etc. At this point we had multiple people tell us that because we are at the tail end of our 180 days and we “look” the way we look, we will be flagged as border jumpers and make us pay a ridiculous amount of money or send us back to Mexico with no new stamp and we’d then have to purchase last-minute flights to anywhere which could potentially cost even more time and money.

15978465_10158093844815077_851101347_nWe definitely had a decision to make. $200 a person to cross the border (maybe more it just depends on your border officer) or $200 a person for a flight to anywhere.

After a few weeks of contemplating we saw in local news that gas prices were going up and the peso is going down. This meant that many Mexicans (mostly on the mainland) are frustrated with the government and big businesses that are not lowering prices to accommodate.  {Minimum wage is $73.04 Mexican pesos per day (currently, approximately $4.2515995949_10158093844930077_1958700963_n USD).Jan 6, 2016}  So the people are frustrated, looting businesses like Shedraui and Mega  and vandalizing gas stations. in this pic you can see the pallets begin stacked in the windows at Mega.

At this point our decision was made to avoid the mainland as much as possible and head to Florida. It’s a huge perk that we get to visit family while we are there. And then I see this—>

SO my conclusion is we should just stay in our house forever and never come out. Well, if we did that we’d get deported and never be able to come back.

On a more happy note I am so EXCITED to wiggle my toes in carpet.



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