Authentic Mexican

So yesterday I had the opportunity to just mosey around a couple mercados with a friend of mine and while we were headed back to the car I thought I should share with her the most authentic Mexican food on the island. dsc_1099a

So I pointed across the street and said, “let’s grab a taco at the taco truck right there.”



“Where?” At this point the truck is about 25 feet away directly in front of us.

“That blue pick up truck with the white camper and tarp draped over the back of it.” She died laughing because there is no way in heck I could’ve been talking about that bright blue 70’s Chevy pickup in front of us. The pickup with the line of people behind it. (When there is a line you know it’s good!)

So when in Mexico, check out the taco truck at International Pier. He is usually parked just behind Carl’s Junior.

  1. Be sure to go around 11am, I personally like fresh meats and cheeses. (as opposed to meat and cheeses that have been sitting in the back of a pickup for a few hours) lol
  2. If he has camerones you are in for a TREAT!




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