Coba {Mayan Ruins}

Couple things you may not know about Cozumel…

  1. It’s the most popular cruise port in the world.
  2. 4 million people visited Cozumel in 2015.

Even though it’s a small 250 square mile island it somehow keeps the people rolling in by the millions.

So when our friends and family come to visit we get to see and do things we wouldn’t do in our normal day to day island life.( other than snorkeling…a biweekly staple)

Recently we had the opportunity to visit a popular Mayan Ruin called Coba twice in a 3 week period. So I thought I’d share a little about Coba!dsc_9309u

Coba is one of my favorite ruins to visit! Because of how large the actual city footprint is, there are bikes at the entrance you can rent for $50 pesos ($2.50 US) so you can see more area. The terrain is flat which makes for an easy enjoyable ride. Or you can pay $150 pesos ($7) for someone to ride you on his tricycle.

Archaeological evidence indicates that Cobá was first settled between 50 BC and 100 AD. It is currently the tallest Mayan temple that is still open for climbing. I think that maybe why it’s my favorite, you get the true experience of climbing the steps and looking out over the city and jungle. What a VIEW!!!


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