Dia de Los Muertos

We have really enjoyed this holiday here in Mexico! Because the island is 10% expat there was a Halloween celebration where the kids got to dress up and trick or treat around the square to all the businesses. It’s an opportunity for the community to come together instead of going door to door. (Plus most families do not have the luxury of purchasing candy to hand out.) Then Nov 1st and 2nd are holidays where the people do not have work and instead take the time to clean their homes and prepare meals and gifts for their deceased loved ones who, they believe, has the opportunity to come to their home from the afterlife to visit. the families prepare a Hanal Pixan, or altar with things the loved one once enjoyed. For example, if it was a child toys are placed and maybe candies. A few altars were prepared in the square for all of us to view and enjoy. I really love the idea of taking the time each year to not only reminisce and remember the ones who have passed on, but to congregate together to share in those fond memories. (Almost like Thanksgiving… and who wouldn’t love a 2nd Thanksgiving??) At school the kids wore traditional Mexican attire and created Hanal Pixans in their classrooms. Here are some photos from Dia de los Muertos.

P.S. We are wrapping up Operation Oven because we have reached our goal!!! Thank you to all who donated! I will post the reveal asap!



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