La iglesia and a Toaster Oven

For those of you not familiar with the LDS church it functions by the members donating their time and talents. There is no paid minstry in the church. Church members like Adam and I give our time to helping others progress in the gospel.

Three weeks ago Adam and I both received callings. I wasn’t quite sure I was ready to recieve a calling since I don’t fluently speak Spanish yet, but the Lord must have thought otherwise. I am currently serving as 2nd counselor in the Mujeres Jovenes (YW) and I LOVE it! It’s a joyful, rewarding, spiritually demanding calling. The fact that I can’t communicate well makes it super difficult for me. I want the girls to know I love them and I love the gospel of Jesus Christ. Sharing my experiences in Spanish with little vocabulary is very difficult. So for now, I am relying a little on my Spanish language knowledge, on my example, and a whole lot on the spirit!

11742731_1646821548872596_9019106505086702744_nIn and out of the church we have met some incredible people. One in particular I’d like to tell you about.This is Candi. She and her spouse own and operate a postre (cake) business that they run out of their home. His postres are some of the best on the island! For large groups he sells very large “costco” looking sheet cakes beautifully decorated with icing. I have been to Candi’s humble 2 room home. One kitchen, one living room, one bathroom. When I say 2 room , I mean 2 room, the family sleeps on hammocks that get put up at night and taken down ever morning. Running their postre business from home means large sacks of sugar and flour are also stored in their living spaces. AND you would not believe the oven in which they bake their postres. No joke think toaster over, a little larger than a toaster ovenyou and I may have in our home but nonetheless A TOASTER oven! To make large cakes (in pieces) Candy wakes up throughout the night to remove one batch and place another on the oven. She can bake only so many galletas(cookies) and postres(cakes) at a time.

This would be me trying to bake with a toaster oven.


This is Candi’s family enjoying a cake made in the toaster oven!14449764_1599971623639303_7496944707767152343_n

Candy’s family needs a bigger oven and they found the one they want for $6000 pesos. (Approximately $300 US) She is bound and determined to purchase this oven without going into debt and still being able to provide the needs for her 3 kids even if it means waking up every hour throughout the night and then continue to work the business all day. She expressed to me how excited she was to have been saving for over 6 months and be 1/2 way to her goal. As a business owner I can see how a larger oven will not only increase the amount of postres , but also the amount of profit.

A few of us here on the island would like to see “operation new oven” expedited and will be donating to Candi’s oven fund. If you would also like to donate please private message me through facebook.


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