A few people have joked that Adam and I packed up the kids and headed for Mexico in lieu of the upcoming U.S. election. To squash all rumors that IS not the reason, but it has triggered many thoughts in my mind , especially this week as we celebrated Mexico’s Independence Day in Mexico. (The people here, in this state of QRoo atleast are free.)


Firstly, we are currently in Mexico on tourist visas.  Do I know each of these Mexicans individually? No. Can I judge them as a whole? No. Do I feel that because I got my family and I across the border that I deserve to be here? No. If I did something wrong and they deported me wold I blame Mexico? Heck no. Our family is grateful for the opportunity to be here and live in this culture among these people. And upon arrival we sat down with a lawyer to go over do’s and don’ts as American citizens residing in Mexico temporarily.

Now, IF something was going on with the Mexican government and all NON RESIDENTS who have decided not to go through all the hoops and pay all the dues to become residents (my family and I have decided not to be residents but only keep tourists visas) were asked to return to our home country for a period of time we would go willingly. It could be that I’d be scared the police may show up with machine guns at our front door and kick us out, but more likely I would respect the decisions of the country in which I reside. IF I was hell bent on staying I’d do the dang paperwork!!! Point is…as a non-resident (or illegal immigrant) I don’t feel as if I have a LEG to stand on when it comes to staying in this country illegally.

Second, Would I have the audacity to burn a Mexican flag here in Mexico… oh heck no, they’d probably shoot me on the spot! Is that what we need in America to get people to respect our flag and what it stands for? Maybe. IS any country truly perfect? No.

I live here in Mexico, I am free, I have certain rules that as an American I follow to allow myself the freedom to live here and to raise my kids the way I choose. If I didn’t like the way this country  was treating my family and I …simply put, I’d move back to the U.S. NOW you might say well what about the people that came from countries where they weren’t free do suggest they go back?… Well then I’d say,  why are they not grateful for the freedoms they now have.

Third, Adam and I threw our children into school here with no prior Spanish language education. Do I expect that everyone should know English to cater to my families needs to communicate with retailers? Taxis? Food vendors? etc? No I do not. And it would be outrageous for me to expect such.We are doing everything in our power to learn this language and learn it quick so we can live a better life here among the Mexican people.

Lastly, at the park the other day celebrating Independencia my husband and I a foot taller and blonde stood out like sore thumbs among a sea of 3000 heads of gorgeous dark locks. We are now a minority, do they treat us differently? Yes. While picking up my daughter from school the other day her teacher leaned over me to tell my bilingual friend all about my daughters potty accident at school. I understood everything she said, but felt small that she didn’t even give me the opportunity to converse with her before turning to my friend. And sometimes because I’m white at restaurants I get the more expensive menu. Am I going to create an uprising? No. I think it will take time and humility on both fronts before I am a “Mexican” to the people whether or not I am on paper.

CONCLUSION… I’m grateful for the freedoms Mexico has to offer and while I live here I will live by the laws of this land or return to the country from which I came.



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