The fair…

Get this… the kids eat breakfast at school around 10:30 …Breakfast! Then they get out at 1:00, 1:30 and 1:50. Lunch is at 2:00 if they want to stay and have lunch at school. In Mexico the biggest meal of the day is around 2:00-3:00 sometimes 4:00 and then you have a light meal before you go to bed. This is so interesting to me and yet metabolically it seems to make sense BUT I assure you it is the HARDEST thing for my body to get used to after 30+ years of DINNER in the evening. Needless to say that I struggle to have “dinner” on the table at 3:00. Heck I struggled to have it on the table at 6:00 in the states.

So yesterday since dinner was not ready by 3… then still not ready by 4 and we are all starving we decided to walk across the street to the fair (which is in town for the Independence Day holiday… no it is not Cinco de Mayo) to eat some authentic Mexican fair food. This fair I tell you was out of this world, all you helicopter moms would have died!!!!

The first attraction we attempted (pic: Elsa train) was no joke being run by a ten year old, no straps, seat belts, fences etc. The babies get on the then he starts it and then leaves…he leaves… to go start another ride. Holy cow… luckily nobody fell of/out of the train and everyone was all smiles afterwards.

Second attraction was basically 4 trampolines (stacked two high) all welded together with a slide and catwalk attaching them. The kids thought this was the coolest thing ever! No body broke any bones there as well. At that point we decided to call it a night and we will go back for more another day since the fair will be right across the street for a couple more weeks. We were definitely enthralled by the guy who road the scrambler looking ride standing up. #onlyinmexico

And yes the food was AMAZING as always in Cozumel.


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