Mucho gusto, Telcel

Well, moving to Mexico has returned me to the dark ages of electronics and internet. Until my data plan was switched to international I put my phone in timeout unless there was wifi… super hard wouldn’t you think? Well maybe for the first few days.As time went on it became easier and easier to let the phone sit on the counter, almost as if I had returned to the 80’s and it was stuck to the wall with a cord.

In the states there seems to be something wrong with the “world wide web” system. Why is it that we as Americans pay so much money to be connected to the world through a screen rather than spend the money and actually SEE the world? And why in the world is it so expensive anyway? Maybe since it’s all we know we don’t realize the shackles we are wearing of monthly data charges, contracts and overages! As we were leaving the U.S. we told everyone, “we are keeping our numbers, just upping our plan to add Mexico blah blah blah.” Then we get here to find out its an extra $20 per phone? What? So $40 per phone for data and $20 per phone to call within Mexico? After 3 phones that’s a car payment. And after a year it’s a 7 day cruise for 2. And I’m not even adding up the money we Americans spend on Cable/Dish or internet at our homes.

BUT, around Cozumel I see the people on their phones. How can the people here afford this? I was so confused. Are their priorities even more jaded that families who can’t even afford transportation spen their money on phones and data? Come to fine out a simple cell plan here on the island is $199 pesos per month for unlimited calls to Mexico, US and Canada… also includes 2 gigs of Facebook/Twitter/WhatsApp and 1 gig of data. WHAT??? $199 pesos! At the exchange rate right now that’s a whopping $11.05. PER MONTH!!! Needless to say I switched plans. I gladly let the the Telcel lady pull my chip out of my phone and replace it with a Mexican chip.

Now I have to think about what to do with the money I’m saving……

And you need to get off your phone and come for a visit!



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