Nuestra Primera Semana

Our first week in Cozumel has been a whirlwind! Our day pretty much consists breakfast followed by a swim in the pool, then lunch, then a new beach to explore, maybe a walk to the square or to find a new taco place, again a swim in the pool and then all too quickly it’s bedtime.

After 6 days of this we realized we have not yet found a car (so we can explore farther beaches and ruins) OR a place to rent. We did however purchase a scooter for zipping around town for 1/2 the family. Yesterday we visited a couple real estate offices to help us with our search, I mean the pic look good online but can be deceiving.

Beaches Visited: Money Bar, Playa Azul and the strip off the Melgar by the pier.

Obviously life during the day is so beautiful and colorful, but so is the night life. The locals work all day and then hang out with family each night. And during the summer break from school they have a bunch of activities at the park for the kids. You can rent power wheel cars to ride around, paint or ride little rides.


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