#riverfrontproperty : Child Labor

Thank goodness we have 5 little workers or this would take months… I’m totally kidding. We only work the kids from 8-5 they get a good 12 hours of sleep and 3 square meals a day.

No really Adam and i do most of the work while the kids are at school. Luckilly we make work look fun so when the kids come home they like to HELP oh and the incentive that when work is done we get to play. Incentive last week was swimming at Green Canyon, our local natural hot spring. It’s been pretty cold so the hot springs were super enticing. We live in such a beautiful area and love taking advantage of what’s around us.

IMG_2516So when I’m cooking or in the kitchen for any reason which seems like I spend most of my time there, I can see this wall in the stairs down tot he basement. It’s an eye sore and I hate it. ANd the kids hate it. For some reason the texture in thie one area is super thick and no one sanded it before painting. When the kids go barrelling down the stairs they were scraping up their elbows. So I decided to find out why there was a huge bump in the wall and convince Adam it needed a face lift. I made a huge mess. But uncovered a gorgeous beam.

Asher got the opportunity to demo and use a couple power tools. He got to use the hand sander to sand the beam andIMG_2518

then he got to use a mitre saw to cut planks and trim, he even got to use the nail gun to nail in the trim. (Adam nailed in the planks to make sure they were all spaced correctly and level. He was so proud of his work. Here is a quick video of him sanding. i love how he looks back and smiles. =)


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