#riverfrontproperty : balcony blitz

I spent 1 whole day prepping this wood for the invisible balcony outside our 2nd story loft.


You can see (well it’s invisible) here. {Just right there, on the blue strip above the kitchen windows} How in the world that passed inspection with the previous owner… NO IDEA! IS5m87ihe1jj6k0000000000

So I’m prepping wood, painting railings and staining floor boards. I learned a whole lot about staining in one day:

1. It’s super messy and 2. It smells really bad… But 3. I learned that stain is really forgiving. Which is was awesome for a first timer like me.

I stained the wood while it was flat on the floor which probably wasn’t the best idea but it was the most efficient, and if you know me… If I’m anything, I’m efficient. Doing the planks 4 at a time across a couple saw horses did not seem efficient to me. So I stained them all on the tops and bottoms then flipped them on their sides and noticed HUGE drip marks down the sides… At first I thought, “oh well, when they are placed as the floor they will be so close together no one will see,” then quickly realized that the “perfectionist” in my husband would die if he had seen what I’d done and give me a hard time about being efficient and probably a lesson on Patience is a virtue and do things right the first time blah blah blah. So here’s a video I took on how I didn’t lose anytime fixing the drip issue and the project moved right along. You simply place stain over the drips and wipe with a little pressure.

The balcony project also had another minor hiccup. I had to walk away from said project to make dinner. Annnnnd:IMG_2145b

This kid is going to be our where’s waldo throughout this entire renovation. Chip and Joanna got nothing on us : we are living in a mess we chose to make with 5 kids(11 and under). How in the world do you entertain AND feed 5 children while remaining sane and obeying all child labor laws? Well isn’t that the age old question.

But now it’s done and I can breathe easy when the kids go upstairs to play. No one will fall to their death from the sliding glass door with an invisible balcony. And the view out the front balcony is gorgeous… farmland for days.




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