#riverfrontproperty : Rustic Railing Part 1

We purchased this house on what felt like a whim!IS5m87ihe1jj6k0000000000It was listed for less than a week when we had put in an offer. I was nervous considering the quirkiness of the place. Especially with 5 kiddos, the youngest being 18 months. When I say quirkiness I mean no railings in some spots, missing drywall along staircase walls, no balconies outside two sliding glass doors and no garage. But this is a huge reason WHY we bought it!Untitled-1So quality of life is not the issue, however SAFETY is. So we’ve been renovating ever since purchasing the property. And we are excited to share the progress with you. Here are a few before pics of the railing issues… (to add to the quirkiness the previous owners left some fun decor for us. Especially the hanging planter… am I right? )ISlu9ucljfvr7k0000000000aIShzy5toyaq58k0000000000

572fc91a52532fcc9d8610f191b9681cAnd this is what we found on Pinterimagesest to solve our railing issue. (Note the blue potted plant? That is supposed to stop my children from jumping/falling from the landing? NOT!!!) We loved the look of the rustic wood and the affordability of the re bar BUT I was feeling like it may be a little “jailish” and obstruct our amazing views a little. So we opted for the same look but with horizontal re bar. What do you think? Cool right? That’s what we thought! And Adam (hubs) threw in the idea of notching out the posts so they hang down below the landing a little to give it a more beefy feel. And trust me those posts are on there good and don’t even budge. Railings were removed.IMG_2586

Posts were installed on the landing. (Don’t you love how they hang down? More wood to stain and give it that cabin rustic feel!)IMG_2641

With all the wood everywhere the brick was starting to look a little yelow/orange to me so I ran to the store and grabbed a 2 oz bottle of Creamcoat’s Red Iron Oxide. (the darkest red i could find) I mixed 1/4 water with 1tsp paint to get the consistency I wanted to soak into the brick. And we thought the landing could use a little shiplap, I mean character lol. We kept it simple with 1/4 inch mdf, no sanding and painting was cinch. Here’s our video of the process. More to come as the story unfolds! ENJOY!

And I love that we are doing the floors last so I can paint right over the carpet. LOL!



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