Cheapest Canvas Prints

I love canvas. I feel like frames are just too much work. When we got married we had all black frames, then I wanted brown to match our leather couch and now I hate both and would go white if it weren’t for the saving grace of canvas. I discovered canvases 6 years ago and once you go canvas you never go back! DSC_3709.JPG

When you walk into our house you see a large 40×30 canvas of our family and then each kiddo has their face plastered on a 16×20. Everyone always asks where I get my canvases and I’m gonna let you in on a little secret. I purchase my large canvases of the kids from Canvas Discount. They do an awesome job and they have sales often. The reason I choose canvas people for printing multiple prints at one time is because $55 purchases get free shipping. And canvases are not cheap to ship. Right now until March 6th 8x10s are only $10 and 16x20s(go big or go home!) are $20. So 5 kids times 5 16x20s adds up to $100. So I throw in a 16×20 annual temple pic. DSC_8300b.jpg

For my XXL canvases (which are not offered with canvas people for less than $100 ever!!!) I watch for Groupons. These large canvas (30×40 or bigger) deals are few and far between so you have to be prepared to purchase on the spot when they pop up. Watch for 30×40 or larger for $65 or less. If you see one for $70 and you want peace of mind go ahead and purchase BUT a $65 or less deal is bound to pop up once a year. And be on the lookout because it usually happens during the retail slow season which is February and March. family.jpg





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