Men’s XL flannel to “cute mom” flannel!

Baby it’s cold outside and I’ve been enjoying hot cocoa on a daily basis and flannel! I’m digging the flannel and leggings style…so comfy! However, we aren’t all in our 20’s. Am I right ladies? I have been scoping the racks at practically every store for a flannel just long enough to hide my bum and my non existent gap. (Not the GAP store, a thigh gap) SO, long story short I’m walking through Walmart for the staples: diapers, wipes, and redvines, I spy the perfect Christmas flannel in the men’s department. I pull the cart over and search for a small, hoping a men’s small will do the trick since years of genetics tell us men are 97% of the time taller than their spouse(that is a true statement I actually googled it). Therefore, a small men’s shirt would most likely hit me mid thigh. NOT!!! Not even the men’s flannel will hep me battle my bulge. And let’s be honest, wearing jeans for Christmas dinner is not an option for one who loves to chow down. I’m a seconds and thirds kinda girl, and I love my 50/50 cotton/poly with a pinch of lycra! So I put the the small back…dug all the way to the back of the rack and snagged an XL men’s flannel on sale for $5. I know what you’re thinking… a huge XL men’s flannel is just not gonna do it sister… and you’re right! It is very unflattering and I’m literally swimming in it. BUT I have a dream, that all women can look cute, comfy, hip and Aspen, Coloradoesqe in an XL mens flannel. Enjoy this journey from freaking huge to freaking cute! (Please ignore the fact that I am standing on my toilet, who am I kidding… everyone does it.)

So here’s what I did. (If you are a seamstress be prepared to cringe, I am all about quick and practical… I don’t have time for perfect 1/4 in. seams and yes I clipped my curves.)

  1. I eyeballed, litereally eyeballed how form fitting I would like this shirt, I honestly do not own a fabric measuring tape. (Note to self: I should buy a fabric measuring tape.)
  2. Turned the shirt inside out and marked where I would like to sew. (Do not forget to turn it inside out!)
  3. Turned my my machine ON. J/k self explanatory, I began to sew. Normally I would have used this stuff here. But I figured with all the “heavy lifting” I do in my mom clothes, actual thread was a better bet.
  4. Cut the excess off and clipped my curves. Why we clip curves.
  5. Yay! Cute shirt! (And it covers my bum! FIST PUMP!)IMG_1219a




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