It’s a New Year folks…

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It is a brand new year! Our family loves to stay up New Year’s Eve, countdown with Ryan Seacrest, drink sparkling cider in fancy shmancy goblets, spray silly string and pop poppers. These festivities leave little room for actually contemplating my resolutions. So I’m taking the 1st week of January to actually give this some thought! And this 1st week of January is a time for me to sift through the past year and decide what is worth bringing into the New Year and what I should leave in the past. Examples of things I am leaving in the past: lazy me, the me that forgets so often to put God first, the yelling mom me, the busy me.

These are all sides of me that I would love to leave in the past, among other parts of me I’m not super proud of, but lets not over do it shall we?

1. So this year like 90% of America I am going to work on being more healthy, I think this may help with my laziness. I find myself exhausted by 3 pm. NO MORE! (Fist pump). I am currently on day two of a 10 day all organic super-food transformation. So far it’s the bombdiggity! I’ll post more about this later since it’s proving to be awesome!

2. I have decided to be more spiritual, this, goal, as most of you know is a process and so I have super short term goals to help with this one. Like this week I am determined to find a portrait of Christ I absolutely love and get it on the wall in a place of significance! I am super excited for this one! Stay tuned for my new piece!

3. I would like to yell at my children less. Or I could aim high and say “yell not at all”, okay for now, let’s go with that. And this will be a tough one! Some times I just crack after the 1,000th “MOM” or the little taps on my elbow when I’m trying to move the mouse on my computer to a specific minute location. Am I right?

And 4. I want to SLOW DOWN. I want to bask in this time I get with my little ones. Pretty soon I will have no little shoe laces to tie, sweet cheeks to snuggle, long locks to untangle or tiny noses to wipe. These tasks used to seem tedious and annoying at times, but as I watch my 5th and “maybe” last baby go from infant to toddler in a what seemed like a millisecond I find my self struggling to grab a hold of this passing train!


And a few things I’ve done in the past that I would love to continue!

1. Taking long baths in really HOT water! This helps me keep my sanity with 5 kids. We’ll just call it my daily morning meditation time.

2. Being home when my kids walk in the door from school. Asking the right questions about their day so they actually discuss the day’s happenings with me and we don’t get caught in the vicious “how was your day? ” “good” cycle. I love this article, it even gives a list of questions to ask.25 Ways to Ask Your Kids ‘So How Was School Today?’ Without Asking Them ‘So How Was School Today?’

3. Explore neat places around where we live. This was so much fun last year. The kids loved our little exploring trips. One of our trips we just took a short drive to a grove of trees, pulled over and walked maybe 25 yards in where the kids were able to just be kids and build a small teepee. Or a spot just around the corner that backs up to the golf course with a river flowing by that we could skip rocks in. The world around us is so beautiful and yet sometimes we don’t explore beyond our front yard. I encourage you to take the time this year to explore your neighborhood and meet some amazing neighbors while you’re at it. And sometimes you find little gems like this:


There you have it! My let gos and my keeps. I’m letting things that add stress drop out of my life and keeping the things that make me happy! Take this week to evaluate your let gos and keeps. Make this a year full of happy memories, big warm hugs and being silly!



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